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Hello new player! Please wait one hour after joining Brave before you set up IT services.
Make sure your character is listed as being in Brave on the Core Characters page before continuing! Refresh your api on the Core API page if your character isn't listed as being in Brave!

Brave IT will NEVER ask you for your password to EVE or any Brave IT service.
We do not need your password to help you out with IT related issues. Report anyone (even Brave Leadership) requesting your password to our IT Team or HR Team immediately!


Brave Auth, also known as Core, is a API based authentication system allowing us to provide otherwise private information to you, without risking the information being freely accessible to the public.

1. Best Uses

  • Required for Mumble, Paste, Cron, …
  • Eventually will be required for most services.

2. Setting up Auth


Warning: Brave IT recommends waiting to create a Core account until after you are in BRAVE.

DO NOT USE Internet Explorer

USE Firefox, OR Chrome

If you run into trouble get in touch with the IT team.

2.1. Core Account

Account creation

Open Core Auth in an out-of-game browser and click Create Account in the lower left corner.

  • Usernames should be short and easy to remember and should not be your EVE username
  • Do not use special characters such as apostrophes in your username
  • Passwords should be complex and under no circumstances be your EVE password
  • Password hint, use a sentence without spaces or special characters.
  • If you're seeing a red X when creating your account, your password wasn't complex enough.

2.2. API key

Add EVE API key
muobhby.jpg 79mqgzy.jpg

You need to add your EVE API key to Auth Core in order to authenticate your user.

  • Do NOT forget to select “No Expiry” when creating your API key, forgetting this will cause issues when your key expires.
  • We're guiding you through the process of creating a new API key for Core, the one used to apply shouldn't be used and can be deleted.
  • Click on API Keys in the left-hand menu and select Add Key in the top right corner
  • In the dialog box that appears, click on Create a standard API key
    • Please use the link to create your API key as it will setup your key with proper permissions
  • Login into your EVE Online account in the newly appeared tab

Note: Do not close any tabs, you will need to switch between them.

Generate EVE Key
rxf1aci.jpg n4xehjk.jpg
  • Click in the Name field and enter Brave Auth.
  • Ensure your key is set to All Characters and is set to No Expiry.

Retrieve EVE Key
ffyg73m.jpg 7ceotak.jpg
  • Copy the Key ID and paste it into the Key ID field in the Core Services
  • Copy the Verification Code and paste it into the Verification Code field in the Core Services
  • Click the Add Key in the Core Services and refresh your browser window

2.3. Verify Character

Verify Character

Check the Characters page and confirm that your character is listed and belongs to the correct corporation.

You may click the star next to a character to set that character as your default character; this will pre-select the character for any applications you authorize in the future.

* Do NOT proceed until it shows you being in the correct Corporation. *

If you're not showing in the correct Corporation, refresh your API on the API page every 30 minutes +/-

Refresh Your API

2.4. Authorize Applications

You May Now Authorize Applications

Authorize Mumble

Authorize Forums

Authorize Jabber

Authorize Slack

2.5. Settings


If you've created more then one account and need to merge both accounts, or need to change the e-mail address on your Core account you can do so in the Settings.

3. Violations

  • Insufficient Access Mask, means the key doesn't have the correct access mask.
    • Please make sure you created the key by clicking on “Create standard API key” as described in Step 2.2
    • If that doesn't work, manually apply the settings like this
  • Incorrect Key Type, means you've set your key to your character.
    • The Character field needs to be set to "All"
  • Character Security Violation, means the characters on this API key have been registered to a different Core account already
    • You'll need to log in with your old core account.

4. FAQ

4.1 Server Error, see error log for more information

If most of the functions in the left hand side menu in CORE no longer work for you, always displaying “Server Error, see error log for more information”, please reach out to admins.