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BLT Contracts

How do I setup a contract?

Go to Neocom / Business / Contracts and click on Create Contract:

  • Contract Type: Courier
  • Availability: Private
  • Name: Brave Little Toaster.
  • Click next
  • Select: Brave Little Toaster. (dot and blue)
  • Click next
  • Select station and items
  • Click next
  • Ship To: Supported station (use calculator)
  • Reward: See the BRAVE Freight Calculator
  • Collateral: Set to the Evepraisal value of the contracted items + 10%. Note, collateral over 3b incurs a surchage
  • Expiration: 7 days
  • Days to complete: 3 days
  • Click next
  • Double check contract details
  • Click finish