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Brave Logistics

What Does Brave Logistics Do?

Brave Logistics is responsible for the management of our alliance-level freight service. We also manage the planning, sourcing, deployment, operation and maintenance of all POSes that are owned by the alliance. During an alliance-level sov null campaign, we are also responsible for the management of assets that are required for sov warfare.

Internal Resources

External Resources

Who Manages Brave Logistics?

Name Position Skype
n0rman Director N/A
n0rman Manager, POS Team N/A
n0rman Manager, JF Team N/A
n0rman Does everything N/A

How Can I Join Brave Logistics?

Brave Logistics Assets Team is currently not hiring.
Brave Logistics JF Team is currently hiring.
Brave Logistics POS Team is currently hiring. Contact n0rman

Where Can I Find You in EVE Online?

Join the in-game chat channel Brave Hauling Public.