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BRAVE Alliance Rules

Stay Classy

The Brave Collective does not permit discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, public assistance status, disability, age, national origin, veteran status, or political affiliation/opinions, by any user of our alliance-level services.

Pornographic, gore or similar content is not welcome on our services.

Stay Classy also includes not gloating or mocking our vanquished foes, basically don't be a dick just because you won a fight.

Do not shoot blues

Members of the Brave Collective are not allowed to shoot blues without their consent. In cases where you are being shot at without your consent, if there is any way of getting out without shooting back, pick that way and report the person who shot at you.

Scams and Ransoms

Scams of non-blues are fine, but if you ransom someone, honor it.

Market PVP

Please read this article for a clarification about rules for the markets.

Looting and MTUs

All NPC wrecks in Cosmic Anomalies and Signatures belong to the player running the site.

Loot from player controlled ships belongs to whoever is the first to grab it. However if someone has put in the effort to get you and other people a shiny kill and they die or sacrifice in the process, sharing the loot or at the least giving them their dropped loot back, or giving new and struggling players priority on loot would be the classy thing to do, this isn't hard to work out, don't be a dick look after and help your alliance mates.

BRAVE MTUs are free to be shot during fleet ops. BRAVE members are expressively allowed to loot the field however. Orphaned MTUs in anomalies or belts in our systems are free to be shot if attempts to contact the owner have failed (give them a few minutes in case they DC'd).

THE EXCEPTION TO THIS IS CAPITAL LOOT FROM FRIENDLY CAPITALS. PLEASE SEND THIS BACK TO THE VICTIM, OR IF YOU'RE NOT SURE WHO THE OWNER WAS, PLEASE CONTRACT to BRAVE HOLDINGS (the Corp). If it's a stratop or our cap fleet kills something - you'd be helping us out enormously to contract that loot to Galta H'af, who will use the loot to help fund SRP.


Blue Bubbles are free to shoot if they are unattended. Before shooting them, try to contact the owner.

If you put up bubbles, take them down before going AFK or logging off.

Alliance Services

Alliance services include but are not limited to our in-game alliance channels, forum, jabber, mumble, slack and subreddit. Access to the alliance services is a privilege that can be taken from members for violation of the rules stated on this page or for the disruption of alliance services.


The rules above are enforced by the alliance HR department. HR Officers act as moderators of the alliance rules and are tasked with determining whether someone is in line with our rules. Members are expected to comply with their instructions. The HR department can and will moderate all alliance services.

BRAVE HR is authorized to decide on disciplinary action taken against all Brave Collective members. If an alliance member disagrees with a decision made by the HR Team, the course of action is to use the complaint form or to contact their corp leadership. Failure to follow this procedure or to follow the instructions of HR Officers can lead to further disciplinary action.

BRAVE HR is authorized to take disciplinary action beyond the immediate scope of the rules on this page if it is deemed necessary. The HR team answers to the Head of HR and the alliance CEO.