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Brave Dojo Industry & BPC Program

The Dojo Industry program aims to provide newbros with everything they need to get started with the industrial aspects of EVE Online. This covers:

  • Mining
  • Refining
  • Manufacturing
  • Contracts/Selling your products

How does it work?

The Dojo will gift you a package, containing:

  • 1 pre-fitted Venture mining frigate
  • BPCs to manufacture 10 more ships
  • Any meta-level items necessary to fit up those ships correctly

The ship blueprints we are currently providing are:

  • T1 Venture
  • T1 Newbro Atron

In other words, these are the sorts of ships that you, as a newbro, are likely to both be able to fly, and be likely to use.

To request a package, send an evemail to Shepherd Derrial Dojo, specifying which ship you intend to build.

What do I do?

Once you have received your Industry Starter Pack:

  1. Mine (or buy) the materials you need to manufacture the ship and fitting (not sure where to find which mineral? Check out this site);
  2. Start industry manufacturing jobs in station to create as many of each item as you want to build;
  3. When everything is ready, assemble and fit up the new ship(s).

We recommend that you join either the standing fleet or a specialised mining fleet while mining. And don't forget to be in comms!

You now have a choice as to what you want to do with your newly minted ships. You can either:

  • Keep them for your own use
  • Sell them to your Alliance or Corp mates, either directly or via Contract
  • Put them on the open market via Public Contract
  • Sell them back to the Brave Dojo

Prices offered by the Brave Dojo are TBD, but will reflect a fair market price.

Additional information

There are also individuals within the alliance that offer free or subsidised blueprint copies. Check out the Buyback Program page for details.

The Dojo will endeavour to run occasional online classes on manufacturing via Mumble. Look out for announcements on the forum or in-game.