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Coalition Communication Resources

There are several resources available for communication within our coalition, from our VoIP services like Mumble and Teamspeak to organization programs like Slack and Discord. Here's instructions on how to install each of them, along with how to join our coalition servers.

Voice Comms

These are services that allow you to talk in real time with your coalition mates. Without them you won't be able to participate in fleets and will have an incredibly hard time responding to intel.


Mumble is a VoIP program for Windows, OS X, Linux, and iOS. Authentication for each server you join is saved by the server rather than your own computer. This allows you to easily join and authenticate multiple servers without needing someone to manually give you permissions to do what you need to do.

You can download the latest Mumble release here.

I'd highly recommend getting the Development Snapshot rather than the latest stable release. This gives you access to a working In-Game Overlay for Eve Online, a heavily upgraded Graphical Interface, along with per-person sound settings.

Once you have Mumble downloaded and installed, you can join different coalition servers via the instructions below:

Brave Comms

These are the main comms for Brave Collective, and are also used to host most coalition fleets. You should always be logged into this when you're in-game, if nothing else to be able to hear intel and respond accordingly. You ARE NOT REQUIRED to have a microphone or talk while on comms.

To join Brave Comms, follow this link and authenticate your details using Brave Core

Once you've authenticated, you have the option to click the link on the left of the screen to automatically open Mumble and join the server, or use the details on the right to manually connect to the server.

TEST Comms

These comms are sometimes used for coalition fleets, and more often capital OPs. You will need to join TEST's authentication system access this server, and here's how you can do that.

1. Head over to TEST's Auth Site

2. Create an account and verify your email.

3. Once you're logged in, head over to the EVE API Keys Tab and add an API for any Brave Character (you do not have to use your main).

Note: The following API configuration will be accepted by the system as long as it remains an account level key. “Character:” needs to be set to All. Make sure the Access Mask is 59638024:

4. Head back to the Services Tab and Click Add Service. If you cannot find the services tab: Click on My Profile Select your main character, click change, and then you should see a “services” tab.

5. Select your character name and Mumble(Thorrak) from the first two dropdown boxes, and create a password in the final box.

6. Back on the Services Tab, click the Mumble Join Link which should now be visible.

7. Mumble will ask you for a username and password. This is the username and password you just created on the TEST auth site.

Requiem Eternal Comms

Requiem Eternal now has an Auth system which can be used to access their Mumble Server. Here are the instructions on how to do that.

1. Head over to REQ's Auth Site

2. Click auth.

3. Click register, and create a new account.

4. Once on the dashboard, click Add API Key, create a new blue key via the link for a Brave Character (This only gives access to your most basic Public Character Info), authenticate to confirm, and select your main character (the name of which will show up when you're on Mumble).

5. Select the Services tab on the sidebar, and click the orange checkbox next to the Mumble service.

6. Make sure to copy the randomly generated password on the screen that pops up, and click Continue.

7. Now click the green arrow to open Mumble, and paste the copied password when prompted.

Joining Multiple Mumble Servers at Once

If you often find yourself switching around comms for different fleets, you may find it handy to be able to join multiple mumble servers at once. Here's how you go about setting that up:

  1. Find the shortcut you use to activate Mumble.
  2. Right click and open the properties panel.
  3. Find the “Target” field on the “Shortcut” tab, and add -m to the end of it.
  4. To launch a second window, right click on your shortcut and click Mumble again.

Keep in mind that when you use a whisper/shout key you will be talking to BOTH servers at the same time. If you want to talk you will need to manually set (click, not shortcut) yourself as muted on the server you don't want to talk to.


Teamspeak is a VoIP Program for Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android. Unlike Mumble, authentication is saved by the client rather than the server. This means that for each device you download the program on, you are given a new and unique 'User Identity', and to join a server with the same permissions on different devices, you need to export your User Identity and import it to each new device.

You can download the latest Teamspeak release here.

Once you have Teamspeak downloaded and installed, you can join different coalition servers via the instructions below:

Drone Walkers Teamspeak

Drone Walkers takes a bit of a hard line on others using their comms. They have a link which gives us access to only their Impass Standing channel in the event of friendly ships coming under attack.

This is the invite link: Drone Walkers Teamspeak Invite

Organizational Programs

These programs are chat based, and allow you to chat with friends, receive and relay intel, and receive pings.


Slack is program that was originally meant to help organize businesses and development teams. Groups from several games have begun to utilize it though as it offers a superb API, and makes it easy to send notifications to team members when needed.

You can find the latest release of Slack here. It should automatically detect your operating system.

Brave Slack

Like our Mumble server, Brave's Slack is essential to participating in alliance and coalition activities. This is the only place to receive pings about upcoming fleets, and a great place to chat and organize future fleets.

Here is the link to authenticate our Slack Service.


Discord is similar to Slack but also offers voice and video chats that work with small groups. Its roles and private channels system is also inferior to Slack's. Unfortunately though its also easier to initially setup than Slack is, so here we are.

You can download the latest version of Discord here.

Coalition Impass Discord

If you're doing anything in Impass you should be on this server. It is the only place to receive general pings and reliable intel about hostiles in the region, and has many dedicated people doing regular sweeps of our space for wormholes. Coalition fleet pings are also sent to here.

You can use this link to authenticate for the Impass Discord Channel.

Don't like reading and just want the links? Well here you are!




You can find the latest release of Slack here. It should automatically detect your operating system.


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