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Reactions Guide


This guide addresses the topic of setting up and running a tower or POS (Player Owned Structure) for the purpose of creating Reactions. It does not require a great deal of skills to be trained, but you will need a decent amount of startup capital (in the region of half a billion ISK to get started).

Getting started

What are reactions?

Reactions are the name given to the creation of materials by combining two or more types of moon goo. The resulting materials can be used in further reactions, and eventually form part of the material requirements for building capital ship and T2 components.

What will this guide teach me?

This guide will show you how to find a location to perform reactions, how to get set up, and what you need to do to start making money via reactions.

Skill requirements

The only skill needed to get started with reactions is Anchoring III, which you need before you can put up a POS. However, since you almost certainly will want to use an alt and a dummy corporation, rather than your main character, you will also need to have your alt train Corporation Management I. You'll also be flying through lowsec space carrying valuable cargo, so training some basic ship skills would be pretty useful – at least enough to be able to use a cloak and microwarpdrive.

Finding a location

The first step is deciding where your POS will go. Reactions can only be performed in low-sec or null-sec space, so you need to locate a moon that doesn't already have a POS in 0.4 or lower space. Low-sec is a much safer bet than null; there are no bubbles or gate camps, and if you anchor a POS in a system that is owned by another player organisation (sovereignty) they will get a warning that you are trying to anchor your own POS in their space.

When searching for a suitable low-sec moon, make use of resources like the in-game map and Dotlan to check the level of activity in the system. Also make a note of any other players in local and their corporations/alliances, to help you form a picture of who is active in the area.

Checking for POSes at moons

The easiest way to check for empty moons is to warp to the sun and perform a 360° dscan, using overview settings that show you moons and towers. (The Sarashawa Overview Pack has a handy preset just for this.) In the dscan results, count the number of Moons and the number of Towers. If the moons outnumber the towers, then there are free moons in the system.

To discover which moons are free, click on each moon in your overview to center your camera on that item. Narrow the dscan angle to 5-10° and check again to see if there are more moons than towers. Make a note of the empty moons you find (and which system they are in).

Buying the structures

So you've identified a suitable location, and found an empty moon that you want to use. Next you need to buy the POS itself, and the structures that will be placed around it.

The formal name for a POS is “Control Tower.” Each race – Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar and Amarr – has three sizes of tower: Small, Medium, and Large (Large towers are just called Control Tower). There are also faction towers (Dread Guristas, Angel, etc.) but this guide is not concerned with them.

To run reactions you need at least a Medium Control Tower; for complex reactions, a Large tower is required. the Caldari towers have the highest CPU output, so they are a good choice for a Reaction POS. A medium tower will cost you in excess of 200 million ISK.

As well as the tower itself, you will also need a Reactor Array, and enough Silos to hold your input and output materials. Most basic reactions have two inputs, while complex reactions can have up to four inputs. The Fuzzwork reactions tables are a good guide to selecting which reaction you want to run. If you're just getting started, a single simple reaction is recommended; two inputs and one output means you need to buy three Silos.


While POSes come with force fields and shielding, you might also want to consider some additional defensive modules. Shield hardeners are useful to plug the holes in your tower's defensive stats, while weapon batteries will kill anyone who gets too close to your POS. If you buy any weapon modules, don't forget they need ammo!

Just as with a ship, the modules in a POS rely on CPU and Power Grid, and you need to make sure that you have enough of both to run all of the modules you want. Use the POS Planner tool to check that your chosen tower has enough power for the modules you plan to use before you buy them!


POSes also require fuel. Right-click your tower and click Show Info to see the fuel requirements for your POS. You will need to buy enough fuel blocks of the correct type to keep your POS running until the next time you are able to refuel it. You should also buy some Strontium Clathrates – these fuel the tower if it enters reinforced mode, giving you time to organise a defence or remove your stuff before it dies.

Setting up the POS

To anchor a POS you need corporation roles. The easiest way to achieve this is to use an alt to create a new corporation, of which you are the sole director and CEO. This will cost around 1m ISK, and requires that your alt has trained Corporation Management I. To anchor a POS, a corporation needs to be at least a week old, so do this step well in advance of when you plan to put up the POS.

Now you're ready to put your POS and some fuel in an industrial ship and head out to your chosen moon.


To anchor a structure, open your Inventory window (Alt+C), right-click the structure, and select “Launch for Corporation.” The item will appear in space near your ship. Now right-click the item and select “Anchor” to begin anchoring it. For the initial POS tower, this will take about fifteen minutes, so you might want to log out or dock up so you don't draw attention to yourself. Note that the tower will probably be anchored 100km or more away from your ship, so slowboat over there and save a bookmark (Ctrl+B).

When the tower is anchored, you can put your fuel in; open the inventory window again and you should see the tower storage options listed below your ship cargo. Simply drag the fuel into the Fuel Storage bay. Now it's ready to go online! Right-click the tower again and select “Online” to start another fifteen minute process.

At the end of the onlining process, right-click the tower and select Manage to enable the forcefield and set a password. Congratulations – you now have a fully operational Death Star starbase!

Adding reactions structures and defensive modules

Now you have your shiny new POS up and running, you want to start adding the parts you bought earlier. Bring all the modules to the POS (it will take several trips in a T1 industrial, as each reactor and silo take up 4,000m³) and anchor them in the same way you did for the tower.

When anchoring the structures, a green box with white directional arrows will appear in space, allowing you to reposition the module exactly where you want it. Move it around until you're happy, then right-click one of the arrows and select “Anchor here.” Note that weapon batteries must be anchored OUTSIDE the POS shields.

When everything is anchored, you can online the defensive and weapon modules. Don't online the Reactor and Silos yet – you need to put stuff in them first.

Choosing a reaction to perform/build/make

We mentioned the Fuzzwork reactions tables earlier. These charts show all of the reactions (both moon goo and gas) that you can do in EVE, with live price data. As you can see, there is a wide range of potential profits (and losses) that you can make when doing reactions, so it is important that you do your research! Check the charts, compare to price fluctuations in-game, and figure out what level of risk you are comfortable with.

When you have chosen a reaction, you need to purchase the blueprint for that reaction, and the input materials. For example, let's say you decide to create Caesarium Cadmide. You will need to buy one Caesarium Cadmide Reaction (found under Reactions in the Market window), and a large amount of Cadmium and Caesium. How much? Well, each reaction uses up 100 units of each material per hour, so you will need 2,400 units per day, or 16,800 units per week. Decide how often you are willing to travel to your lowsec POS to refuel it, and buy enough material to keep it running until then.

Loading the POS modules

Bring your reaction blueprint and input materials to the POS, and open up the Inventory window (Alt+C). Drag the Reaction into the Reactor Array, and drag the materials into two of the Silos (you might want to rename your Silos to help you remember which materials go where). Once everything is in the right place, you can online the Reactor and all three Silos by right-clicking on them. Don't worry, it only takes a few seconds to online/offline these types of modules.

Starting the reaction

Now you're all ready to start producing your simple reaction!

Right-click the tower and select Manage to open up the POS management window. Via this window you can set the POS forcefield password, change your defensive settings, and manage the industrial processes going on inside. Click the Processes tab and then the Production tab. Here you can see all of your modules listed, together with details of their contents.

To connect them together, you simply click-and-drag the output (the box on the right of the input material Silos) and drop it on the input box (on the left) of the Reactor Array. Do this for both inputs. Then drag the reactor output to the input of the empty Silo that will hold your completed reaction material. Click Apply to save your changes.

You can check that you've done it all properly by hovering over the Reactor Array in the list – the tooltip should say something like “the reactor is active” and “the reactor is correctly linked to other structures.”

Now what?

Now, you can just sit back and wait. Oh, and make a note in your diary because you need to keep the POS fueled and the Silos fueled regularly … and you also need to empty the output Silo every four days or so. All of this takes up a lot of space, so you might want to consider paying a hauler to bring in the materials and export the produced reactions for you. Check out the “Haulers Channel” in-game, or the Black Frog freight service.

You will also want to keep a close eye on the market fluctuations of your chosen reaction, and be mindful how low it can drop for you to remain profitable. If the material you are manufacturing crashes, then switching to a different reaction is relatively simple – just offline the Reactor and Silos, remove the old materials, install a new blueprint, and bring in whatever materials you need.